STEVE (German by accident)


18.02 Noods Radio, Bristol


Growing up in Germany Steve (German by accident) hung out in Berlin for about 5 years. Starting off by working for Geist Agency and later on studying communication, Steve is now researching on community effects. Steve (the “average” name with a high success rate according to google) (german by accident – the meaning of free movement by deconstruction of a social meaning). The public profile includes music podcasts as well as the more early collaboration project with Richard Fearless. As she moves between different facets: a gypsy, artist and partying hedonist, warm and funny but also fierce and tenacious businesswoman. Someone who reminds us of what it is to dare to be truly alive. Well rooted in Mexico City she is today on the talent agenda of Endémico agency to transmit a sprit throught love for music, rare moments and soulful DJ sets.

Story telling, New Wave, Field Recordings, Electronics, Punk, Classic, Ambient, Dub

Available for:
selecting other peoples music, arranging the energies that music generates and telling stories with it.

In the 5th chakra.

At the throat region, near the spine, with its Kshetram or superficial activation point in the pit of the throat.