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Mexican artist, Vienna based Alyssa Auvinen Barrera began with her musical trajectory, in the late 90’s when she felt a connection to the rage of heavier industrial sounds. By 2007 during adolescence she was immersed in electronic music and soon began Dj’ing in Mexico at clubs like Aura, Topaz and Bar Americas. After teaching herself electronic music production techniques, Alyssa moved to NYC in 2010 to attend university, earning a BFA in Liberal Arts and Science with a Major in Music and Sound Engineering. While in school her classmates called her Lady Oscillator because she was always building synthesizers kits, and thus LDY OSC was born. Since 2017, Alyssa is the lead singer of a post-punk/experimental band from NYC called Artefactos de Dolor with bandmates Todd Sines (.xtrak) and Charles Noel (Archetyp). They had a partial release of 2xLP La Niña on Bandcamp and it is due for world wide release through Rush Hour in the fall of 2019. While she has long been a collaborator on synth-punk wave projects, LDY OSC released “OAO” a single on the 15 years of The Bunker New York compilation and the “Magic. of 8” EP in 2018. LDY OSC has an upcoming album on September 30th called sōt on the Swedish label Kontra-Musik. sōt is old English for soot. This black powdery substance is everywhere in LDY OSC’s debut album, blocking out the air and making all natural vibrations sound gritty and rough. The album itself is like a dub version of the Chernobyl meltdown. Soon after The Electric-Earthy-Esoteric EP will be released on c.l.a.w.s and Solar’s label Squirrels on Film. The track “Give Me” has already been played by Lena Willikens on BBC radio and “Generate” by Mozhgan for her Dekmantel podcast. This EP is LDY OSC version of dance and festival oriented music. Currently Alyssa resides in Vienna, Austria where she works on music production, DIY synths, vintage synthesizer repairs and oscillator based sound meditations. LDY OSC has an extensive list of past DJ gigs and hardware live set tours taking her from the US to Mexico, Europe, Japan and Russia. Her music has the spirit of her voice and hits hard on the dancefloor, retaining the humanity of LDY OSC’s vocal explorations alongside the machine soul of her synthesizer manipulations.

Ambient, Brakes, Generative.

Available for:
Dj set, Mixing engineer, Producer, Composer, Live A/V.

Mexico – United States.

Based in:
Vienna, Austria.


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