SGBA is STEVE (German by accident)


18.02 Noods Radio, Bristol


Steve has a long track in electronic music. Beginning at Berlin’s Geist Agency in 2013 she started off learning from the ground up. With a 4 year period in Berlin building a strong network and vision through experiences at Artist Alife she moved to Mexico City in January 2017. Running Boiler Room in Latin America and accomplishing 16 shows in 8 different Latin countries, Steve later on started her own agency Endémico back in April 2017 born in Mexico City where she booked fellow artists into Berghain, Atonal, Dekmantel, Robert Johnson and other nameful places. As Endémico she is driving forward cultural exchange and innovative collaborations within the realm of music and beyond including voices, opinions, and people from all around the world on one table. Being part of the initiators of Mexico Cities project Yu Yu Cine Club she rooted in Latin America and is driving with her latest project NSNS Magazine her work even further by building bridges with projects like CIRCA in collaboration with Rinse France, Community Effects a podcast series about Europe communities and touches the ground on Mental Health and foremost humanity in the music industry which all comes together within her magazine NSNS (Never Stop Never Stopping). For a short period of time, Steve worked with DJ Stingray. Her live debut on Hör is her very first public performance. An album is planned when the time is ripe, as well as a compilation on Endémico as series called ProNaTec (Protecting Nature Technologies) to be released in 2021. 

Storytelling, New Wave, Field Recordings, Electronics, Punk, Classical, Ambient, Dub

Available for:
selecting other people’s music, arranging the energies that music generates, and telling stories with it.

In the 5th chakra.

At the throat region, near the spine, with its Kshetram or superficial activation point in the pit of the throat.