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Endémico is an international agency, based in Germany, managing artists and creativity. Within our ecosystem we gather as a group of musicians, performers, writers and visual artists to share the same vision within our collaborations. Together we build ideas and set up long-lasting relationships. 

Our day-to-day job comprises cultivating artist works, cultural projects, collaborations, and multidisciplinary events. We distribute our knowledge, understanding and fellowship of Endémico through our independent magazine NSNS and music platform CIRCA. 

A unique role. A project like Endémico is there to take a global view on local needs and happenings to build and track down new opportunities with a long-term approach.

We foster a cultural exchange in collaboration with selected international partners and communities. Sustainable alliances help us to identify opportunities and bridges to serve in between creative landscapes and movements .

Our clients: Camila Fuchs | Daniela Huerta | Monopolar | DJ Stingray | Rinse France

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