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Endémico is a creative agency that represents people in music and the culture around it by strengthening and elaborating global connections.

Endémico is both a media library and a 360 ° agency that takes on the conception, planning, production and delivery of campaigns and projects. The agency’s network is strong through its position at the intersections between performing arts, fashion, education, knowledge and cultural mediation. We see it as our responsibility to take a global view on local needs and happenings, building and identifying new opportunities with a long-term approach.

As a form of medium, Endémico creates unique content and ideas such as videos, written material and audio podcasts, bringing our main goal in the center, connecting the work of our artists and community with the public.

Our clients: Camila Fuchs | Daniela Huerta | Monopolar | DJ Stingray | Rinse France

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