Resident Advisor: CIRCA radio show, which showcases electronic music from Latin American, ends its first season with final fundraiser

Rinse France radio show CIRCA will end its first ten-week run of broadcasts on September 25th with a fundraiser for artists around Latin America.

The show, a concept also born from online magazine NSNS, shines a light on electronic music artists, communities and scenes around the Central and South American region, with an underlying purpose to raise funds for and support members of those scenes impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The tenth and final episode of the series beams out this week, gathering highlights from past shows and featuring a discussion with previously involved artists around the survival of the Latin American music community in the time of Covid-19. Past guests include g13ckAcaptcha and the crew behind Mexico City party Pervert.

Endémico does the curation, production and execution of the radio show, Circa. Rinse is our host and partner. For more information about artist, go to NSNS website.

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October 1, 2020 3:05 pm