Daniel Castrejon (Umor Rex) Rinse France Podcast for Endémico

1) Tell us about your current feeling about music, how do you listen to (mentally)?

I listen to music almost every time, while I’m doing artwork & design, cleaning the house or taking wine with friends (or alone). Except when I’m reading. Although I appreciate the silence a lot, and I’d love to have more moments in complete silence. But due I live in a big city, and a very noisy neighborhood, if it is not my music I have to listen to the noise of desperate cars, I prefer music. While I work, I listen to every kind of style, when I have to work fast, I usually listen to classic bands like Ride of Felt. A lot of folk music. A lot of classical music from concerts of Deutsche Grammophon. Is in the weekends when I find the space to listen to records in my living room, in high volume, and I’m just listening. I spent hours listening to music from Africa, or avant garde european music from the 70’s. But recently I’m doing concept sessions, last weekend I was just listening to music by Jan Jelinek, and related artists like Andrew Pekler.

2) Has something changed for you as a label owner now that it is clear we are facing a “new” world?

Not really. My label has no relation with events or other things related to the music, I just publish music. The only change I may going to see are less sales, and of course a slow rhythm of publications, we are already living through this stage. 2020 will be the year with less releases in our 14 years of existence. I like to blame the pandemic. But the reality is that I’m also in less rush to get things done. This is not a sprint race, and there are a lot of things happening, I prefer to take my time.

3) How do you feel yourself these days? What do you miss and what not ?

I miss the cantinas with my friends, and the classic mexican gastronomy that you can only find outside. Talking about music, I always prefer the home listening experience. So, I only miss the food.

4) What music are you listening?
To be honest, I’m listening to a lot the upcoming releases of Umor Rex, which are terrific. 3 of them will be out this year, all German projects by the way, and another two in the beginning of 2021, hopefully. Besides this, the list is very heterogeneous, like: Donato Dozzy, Ricardo Sinigaglia, Neil Young, Felt, Deepchord, Paul Simon, Prince, John Hassell, Tom Petty, Isan, Pole, Public Image, and many more.

5) If there is one Mexican hit that comes to your mind which one is it ? 

Thank you Daniel 🙂

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September 4, 2020 10:16 am