Track of Camila Fuchs featured on Yu Yu Club (Mexico City) compilation

Camila Fuchs has been announced as one of the artists contributing a track for Yu Yu Club’s first compilation.

Press Text *from Bandcamp

Yu Yu x Infinite Machine V/A is a collaboration whose result is a compilation of 14 tracks designed for the dance floor; solid, functional and esoteric. This is a selection of tracks produced by Mexican artists involved in the Club movement from different cities in Mexico, all of them with a conceptual and geographical separation, but with common features that synthesize the essence of the national scene.

Definitive proof of the maturity of the Club scene in Mexico, this compilation is born as an initiative by the most important venue in the capital of Mexico: Yu Yu, which joins forces with the pioneering label Infinite Machine to curate this compilation. An avant-garde ensamble of projects which aims to exhibit a shared imagination through the unification of different styles and music genres. All of this comes from the perspective of Yu Yu’s resident, Mexico City-based label, Infinite Machine. A label that has a direct correlation with the global club scene.

This effort also has the goal to financially support the artists involved due to the delicate situation we are going through. As they are part of Yu Yu’s community, which is unfortunately closed at the moment. Artists involved from the likes of Nico, AAAA, Microhm with worldwide recognition to up and coming artists like Benfika, OMAAR, CNDSD and the current, most fresh national acts like Loris, KOI and El Irreal Veintiuno. Among other key pieces of national electronics, united in this soundscape of volatile frequencies.

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May 26, 2020 10:45 am