Endémico invites Pratice (MX) for a 1h mixtape on Noods Radio Bristol and wanted to get an update about his feelings on the Mexican scene during Covid.

Where are you based and what is the status quo there in the scene?CDMX. All events are canceled atm. Before that it was going really good.

Where did you record the mix and what equipment do you use to record ? In my living room, I used my laptop with Traktor.

What tracks do we find in your mix ?
Some tracks I’ve been playing last year and some unreleased stuff from Tomás Urquieta, No light and Siete Catorce. Also a demo track that I was testing last year but sadly I lost the file and samples when my computer crashed so it will never get released.

How do you feel at the moment ? Good in general, but it´s depressing to read all the lack of empathy that people have with each other on social media with all the Covid stuff.

If you could greet someone or send a digital shoutout to, who would it be and why ? Tomas Urquieta, No light and Siete Catorce, for always providing me with amazing unreleased music for my DJ sets.

Listen back to the mix here: https://soundcloud.com/endemicomx/practicexendemicoxnoods


Yak – Umbra
Mosca – Peyote Stitch
Anunaku – Stargate
Ossia – Tumult
Pinch and Riko Dan – Screamer
Mark Pritchard – 1234
Omaar – Prince Rorro
Szare – Miner
Siete Catorce – Comino
TLC Fam – Izulu lama
No Light – MasxMenos
Imaabs – Punani
Taraval – Untitled
Laksa – Delicates
Practice – Octubre 2019
Sawf – Booma
Tomás Urquieta – Cérifo

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April 2, 2020 11:19 am