Endémico invité Relay Optics for RinseFM – Getting to know you in 5 questions

Where are you based and what is your background of the project

I live in the north of Mexico City, I’ve released tracks under Lux Refraktio moniker just to leave something, it was a way of giving back what I received from music since it has been a healer and kind helping me out to keep flowing. I meant to link together sundry musical forms; jazz attempt, experimental ambience, field, piano, synth and bass recordings, MIDI loops, even house and techno influences but at the end I tried to connect musical phrases and give them space both rhythmic and harmonically. To be honest, depression also played a role in this.

Under Relay Optics I have just played DJ sets occasionally but I’d say the idea of it is to have a pretence to release solid dance music, I’m still figuring how.

Where did you recorded the mix and what equipment do you use to record ?

At home, first half hour is from digital resources. The remain is on vinyl –from that Castel cut henceforth– spinning on two SL-1200 throughout a resilient Xone:22 mixer assisted with my interface, computer and a couple of Concorde DJ S cartridges from a friend of mine whose music runs by the name of Parallelograms. Downmix was compressed in Live.

What tracks do we find in your mix ?

There are 90’s beats from that Strictly 4 Groovers comp, Julian Jonah, a lush piece by Off and Gone and more; Earth Plates breaks; a bundle of house reissues; a couple of yt algorithms; recent sounds by Omma, Magicwire’s head and a brand new label hailing from Brooklyn, namely Ceramic Records and so on.

What tracks in the mix are special for you ?

The japanese beauties such as the composition in the beginning from the man who -according to Discogs- used to program sequencers for YMO and worked with Isao Tomita, Aragon’s classic Horridula and the outstanding jam by Coloured Music. Also that Andras track was deep inside when I was producing and there is a combo by some Regelbau boys that always gives the right chills.

How do you feel at the moment ?

Frankly, looking forward to have mental and body appeasement.


I Love You – Logic System
1905 – Omma
Samnolli – Studio 54 (DiY)
Mirror Images – Nu Era
Blueplant – Off And Gone
Sensational – Interplanetary Criminal
In Deeper Presence – Los Hermanos
Day Off – Voy-E
Giving & Receiving – 2Lanes
16-11-1998 – Castel
Down In A Bubble – It’s Thinking
Mystic Side Dept. – Pontiac Streator
Take A Chance (On Love) (Project Pablo Remix) – Dreamcast & ZDBT
An Ode To Midnight – Jeigo
You’ll Never Find (Another Love) (J.J. Club Mix) – Tyanda
Into The Future (Dr. Breaks Rmx) – Unknown Artist
Carpentaria – Escape Artist
Net of Being – Gabriola
Sojouring Music (SPCE Mix) – Maizena
Complete – 2 Bit Crew
Elements – Leo Anibaldi
Soft Moon – Coastdream
Jasmine’s Dream – Dreamscape
Black Is Key – Dego and Kaidi
Makin’ Happy – Crystal Waters
Love Season – Coloured Music
So Many Times – 4AM
Sun Sign Cancer – A.r.t. Wilson
Window – Nobuyoshi Ino
Untitled – Porn Sword Tobacco
Horridula – Aragon
Coriolis – Laurel Halo

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March 6, 2020 6:42 pm