Prima Materia

Cornelia Tornhauser is the Creative Director of Prima Materia, a multimedia performance project with Mexican artist Daniela Huerta & Timur Novikov, which is based on sound, video, and sensory action of the human body. Prima Materia develops site specific interventions and is a meditation on primal matter in the digital age.

They take elements of diverse disciplines such as biology, alchemy or scientific fields as departure points of research. Opening up a space to address current topics and to implement ideas that are born after experimentations.

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prima materia is a collaboration among artists Cornelia Thonhauser, Daniela Huerta & Timur Novikov who together have re-created a configuration of the visible and the invisible, a statement of sound and silence through performative and sensory action.

A performative concept that aims to dematerialise the language of the body, voice and the ambiguety of a given space. It is about rescuing the true essence of the breath, the flesh & bones as crude primary materials. Creating space for an animalistic chaotic essence to emerge.

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February 27, 2020 1:02 am