Ali M. Demirel: Winter Ashes

Ali Demirel is a close friend of us who visited Mexico City last year for a show at Mutek.

In his latest installation ‘Winter Ashes’ he’s collaborating for the first time on an original audiovisual artefact, (where) Ali M. Demirel and Anthony Linell have developed a stunning and unsettling work that studies the Icelandic landscape as a motor for mythology.

“The foundation for Demirel’s approach to experimental video is informed by his background in physics and architecture. Minimal, and pitched towards meditations on the constitutive elements of video, his practice came to focus on designing performative shows. Having worked on music videos for Richie Hawtin, performed at countless music and media arts festivals internationally, as well as presented work at museums and galleries…”

Read the full text and story behind it here.

Video trailer for WINTER ASHES
An audio-visual live show by Ali M. Demirel & Anthony Linell

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February 25, 2020 9:58 pm