Tomás Urquieta: 10 artist defining new chilean indie

“As the sun rises on the ‘20s, music heads around the world have plunged deep into our feelings reminiscing on the highs, lows and defining sounds of the past decade. Chilean indie is no doubt one of the most influential Latin American waves in recent memory, blasting a small, fledgeling creative ecosystem onto the global stage with cinematic synthpop operasconscientious rap diatribes and more avant experimentation than a Björk album cycle.”

“… Tomás Urquieta finally broke through in 2018 with his burning manifesto Dueños de Nada, which infused punishing sonic canvases with the punk urgency of his fledgeling youth. After playing Festival NRMAL in 2017, Urquieta relocated to Mexico City…”

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February 18, 2020 5:02 pm